Perry R Turnbull
President & CEO

I am a collaborative executive with decades of experience in education, finance, insurance, corporate governance & compliance, solar, roofing, and construction. While I claim Arkansas as my home, my career and life experience include having lived on the west coast, east coast, and Mexico.  

I am passionate about superior customer service. I believe everyone makes mistakes but the measure of every person/company is related to what they do to correct and improve upon their mistakes.

Leadership experiences: President & CMO, President & CEO, Senior Vice President, Director - Global Accounts Receivable & Cash Applications, Director - Law Firm Market, Director - Sales & Business Development, National Sales Manager, Executive Regional Director of Sales

Management specialties: Metrics & Process-Oriented Management Style, Compassionate Management Philosophy

Human interests: Faith in God, Family Focused, Service in the Community, History, Fishing, Madden Football, Fluent in Spanish, Eternal Optimist

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